LUP125 ECR Conference Bursary

Thanks to a generous offer from Liverpool University Press, in celebration of 125 years of LUP, we are delighted to offer one bursary of £300 to Early Career Researchers attending this year’s Annual Conference at Stirling University from 1-3 July 2024.

ECR* members of SFS based in the UK and Ireland are invited to apply in the following way:

Please send a short - maximum 600 word – statement answering the following questions:

  1. Are you entitled to research funding at your institution? If so, what form does this take?
  2. How will attendance at the conference support and further your projects as a researcher in French Studies, and if relevant also as a teacher in this field?

We will invite the winner either to write a short piece on their experience of the conference for the French Studies Bulletin or to make a short film that will be uploaded on our webpages. Please confirm that you would be happy to do this.

Deadline: 29 February 2024

Address your statement to:

*ECR – Early Career Researcher, defined as a researcher typically (allowances can be made e.g. for career breaks) within 10 years of receiving their doctorate.