B/LATENT: Revisions of the Obvious in French and Francophone Culture

26 - 27 April 2018

This conference will explore the ways in which critical reading practices contend with the blatant – the obvious, the shameless, the explicit.

As readers, writers and commentators, we often assume it is our role to unearth latent truths from the materials we encounter: to bring forth, elucidate and interpret these textual and visual objects. in doing so, we necessarily look past their blatant features, taking for granted their immediacy, obviousness and explicative ease. 

By forcing attention back to the blatant, this conference will offer a space in which to consider, across different media and disciplines, what it might mean to engage with materials “at face value”.

Deadline for visiting international fellowship scheme

30 April 2018

The Society’s annual scheme to allow overseas academics in French studies to visit institutions in the UK and Ireland is now open for applications. See below for further details.

Annual conference 2018: deadline for PG applications for posters, flash presentations and travel grants

08 May 2018

The Society for French Studies is keen to support postgraduate research at Masters, MPhil and PhD levels. We warmly invite postgraduate students to come and present their research at this year’s Annual Conference in Cork. To facilitate postgraduate involvement, we are running poster sessions, flash presentation sessions, and are also offering travel grants to help cover costs. More information on these opportunities is available here.

02 - 04 July 2018

We look forward to welcoming you to University College Cork for our 59th annual conference.