Launch of the Society for French Studies’ YouTube channel: plenary lectures 2022–24 now available!

SFS YouTube Channel

The Society for French Studies is delighted to make available, via our YouTube channel, recordings of plenary lectures from our two most recent annual conferences:

Michelle Bolduc, ‘The Rhetoric of Translation’

Alexandre Gefen, ‘Littérature et injustice’

Jane Hiddleston, ‘The Invention of Negritude, or, Negritude as Invention’

Edward J. Hughes, ‘Sun, Moon and Earth in Proust’

Michèle Roberts, ‘Colette’s Chéri and the Bad Enough Mother’

Peter Szendy, ‘La Rumeur, ou l’anarchimédium’

Helen Swift, ‘“Je vous tiens pour ma guide”: Beating about the bush in medieval dits’