The Society for French Studies is pleased to announce that the 2018 Prize Research Fellowship competition is now open. The Fellowship, which is open this year to mid-career and senior academics in all areas of French Studies (see below), will cover the costs of a one-semester replacement lectureship at the lowest point of the Junior Lecturer scale (to include gross salary, National Insurance, superannuation and a London allowance where applicable) to enable the successful candidate to take research leave. The Fellowship will be tenable for a period in the 2018-19 academic session.

Applications will only be accepted from full-time employees of a Higher Education Institute in the UK or Ireland who have not benefited from externally-funded research leave in the three years prior to the date on which the Fellowship would commence. Candidates must have been a member of the Society at the appropriate rate for each of the three years prior to the Fellowship. The overriding criteria for selection are (i) the potential of the proposed research to result in a major contribution that will enhance the standing of French Studies both within the UK and Ireland and further abroad; and (ii) the academic standing and achievements of the candidate, taking into account their current career stage. We currently alternate the fellowship, year on year, between early and mid-career scholars and mid-career and senior scholars.  For definitions of early, mid-career, and senior scholars, we take our steer from the British Academy, whose Mid-Career Fellowship scheme refers to individuals ‘normally within no more than 15 years from the award of their doctorate’ as early and mid-career.  We will therefore consider applications this year from anyone who has held their PhD for more than 5 years.  In calculating eligibility, the Society will nonetheless make allowances for special circumstances.

Candidates are invited to send a research proposal with a maximum length of 3 A4 pages in a font no smaller than Arial 10 or Times New Roman 11, together with a CV, to the President of the Society, Prof. Bill Burgwinkle, at Those seeking exemption from the 5-year post-PhD eligibility criterion should also supply a covering letter explaining the relevant circumstances. All applications must be accompanied by a letter from the candidate’s Head of Department, Dean or other managerial post-holder to specify the costs of replacing the Fellow with a full-time appointment (normally at the most junior point of the lecturer scale at the institution concerned) to undertake the normal duties of the applicant for the duration of the Fellowship, and to guarantee that the funding will be used for this purpose alone.

The deadline for applications in this competition is 28 February 2018. It is hoped that the successful candidate will be announced by 31 March 2018.  

The Fellowship may not be combined concurrently with another funded leave. The successful research proposal will be published in French Studies Bulletin, together with a short statement explaining how it makes a contribution to the Society’s mission. Fellows will also be required at the termination of the Fellowship to publish there a further short piece of 1,000 words relating in some way to their research on the project. The Fellowship must be acknowledged in all publications arising directly from the award.