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This conference will explore the ways in which critical reading practices contend with the blatant – the obvious, the shameless, the explicit.

As readers, writers and commentators, we often assume it is our role to unearth latent truths from the materials we encounter: to bring forth, elucidate and interpret these textual and visual objects. in doing so, we necessarily look past their blatant features, taking for granted their immediacy, obviousness and explicative ease.

By forcing attention back to the blatant, this conference will offer a space in which to consider, across different media and disciplines, what it might mean to engage with materials “at face value”.

We welcome individual proposals of 250 words (in english or french) for twenty-minute papers. three-person panel proposals (500 words) are also encouraged. Please send your abstract and a brief author bio to b.latent2018@gmail.com by 14 february 2018. Proposals should include your paper title, name, contact information, and institutional/departmental affiliation. For more information, follow us at @b.latent2018 on instagram & facebook.